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Since the global pandemic hit America back in March, millions of Americans with office jobs are now working from home. Many companies are considering letting their employees continue to work from home despite governors beginning to open up states again. In fact, Twitter recently announced that their employees can work from home indefinitely. Working from home can offer many benefits to companies. Employees can often be more productive and have better mental and physical health by being able to work from home. That being said, there is one area of the body that can suffer due to this new working from home environment: the back. At My Hope Health & Wellness, a chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, we are here to keep your back healthy during this new work-from-home era. Read on to learn about 4 ways to keep your back healthy while working from home.

Regular Visits to a Chiropractor in Stuart, Florida

The first step in keeping your back healthy while working from home is to schedule regular chiropractic appointments. Working from home can often mean more sitting. No longer are you commuting, getting up several times a day for meetings, or walking to a nearby restaurant for lunch. In addition, chairs at home can often be more uncomfortable than chairs at the office. Both of these factors can cause pain throughout the back. When you start to notice back pain, don’t wait – call My Hope Health & Wellness, your chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, right away to schedule a chiropractic appointment.

Sometimes all you need is a chiropractic adjustment to get your spine back on the right track. After hours of slumping over your computer in an uncomfortable chair, it is only natural to begin to feel back pain. A spinal adjustment can correct vertebral subluxations that cause issues like pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. The chiropractor will manipulate your spine with their hands. You may hear some pops and cracks, but rest assured, this is just gases moving around and part of the process! Vertebral subluxations can cause nerve irritation and be harmful to your overall health and wellness. You will be shocked at how much better your entire body feels after an adjustment.

The key to reducing back pain with spinal adjustments is to have them done frequently. This is something that can’t just be done once. Your chiropractor will work with you to create a schedule of appointments so that your spine can stay healthy while it adjusts to this new work-from-home environment.

Adjustable Desk

Sitting all day can be a pain… literally. Office workers may have “desk jobs,” but when you are in the office, you are up on your feet a lot more than when working from home. Between walking to meetings, walking to get coffee, and even walking down the hall to the bathroom, office workers often find that they get more steps in the office than when they are at home. Investing in an adjustable desk can help you to remember to get up every so often. Set an alarm on your phone or watch every hour. When the alarm goes off, adjust your desk to the standing position and work while standing for the next 10 minutes. This is a great way to give your spine a break from being slumped over at your computer.

Take Breaks

In addition to taking standing breaks with your new adjustable desk, you can also set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to get up from your desk entirely and take a break. During this time take a brief walk. Whether this is walking around your house for 10 minutes cleaning things up or heading outside for a 10-minute stroll, your back will thank you later. One benefit of working from home is that it can be easier to get those movement breaks in. You can even experiment with exercising in the middle of the day. Instead of taking a full hour for your lunch break, head outside and go on a run or try an online yoga class. Any sort of movement break you can give your body will be very helpful to the health of your spine.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Last but not least, invest in a comfortable chair. Chances are your chair at work is probably a lot more comfortable than your chair at home. Maybe you don’t sit in a chair – some people might find themselves working from their couch! A lot of offices put money into investing in ergonomic chairs and workstations that are comfortable for their employees. Recreate your office ergonomic workstation at home with a comfortable and supportive chair. Do your research, read reviews, and purchase a chair from somewhere with a good return policy so that you can make an exchange or return if you end up not liking the chair. Getting a good chair might not be cheap, but it is crucial to your spine’s health.

A Chiropractor in Stuart, Florida Can Help!

Maintaining the health of your back is very important. While it can be relaxing to work from home, it can actually cause a lot of back pain due to uncomfortable chairs and spending more time in the seated position. Start decreasing your back pain today by making an appointment with My Hope Health & Wellness, a chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, for a back adjustment. In addition, invest in an adjustable desk, a comfortable chair, and be sure to take many breaks throughout the day to move your body. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we know how important it is for your back to be pain-free. In fact, back issues can lead to a whole range of other physical issues within the body. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.

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