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It is not uncommon to experience pain in the back after playing sports, moving heavy furniture, or engaging in any type of activity that puts additional strain on that area. What is not common is for that pain for last for weeks, months or years, or to intensify as time passes. If you have taken the usual steps of taking it easy and avoiding putting additional pressure and stress on your back and your condition hasn’t improved notably, one of the following five back pain relief solutions for results you can really feel.

1. Start Weight Training

The muscles in your back may constantly be feeling sore because they haven’t been strengthened, stretched, or developed enough to compensate for the weight you are constantly putting on it. Weight training will make your back considerably stronger, allowing you to lift and pull weights that are considerably more heavy than what you are comfortable picking up presently.

2. Learn About Chiropractics

Have you ever felt like you needed to have your back cracked or contorted in order to get rid of a knot that has been plaguing you for weeks? Just a few minutes with a chiropractor can have you feeling like you’re ready to do back-bends, front flips and somersaults – at least within reason. Discover how chiropractic medicine may be able to eliminate the back pain that has been leaving you feeling less than capable.

3. Try Acupuncture

If you’re comfortable with a chiropractor working on your back, acupuncture can be combined with chiropractics to provide even more back pain relief. Acupuncture uses sharpened and sterilized needles to gently stimulate the nerves that are contributing to your back stiffness and discomfort, and is used by many people with reoccurring back pain to function better.

4. Invest In Massage Accessories

Doing something as basic as lying on the floor against a tennis ball, then moving it around so that it stimulates the areas that you have been experiencing pain can really work to target both tense muscles and nerve endings. Whether you choose a massaging chair or sock filled with rice, you can massage your sore and stiff back muscles when they first begin to trouble you. Try a chiropractic supply store for various massaging accessories that target the back area.

5. Avoid Sitting And Lying Down

Most people are able to maintain great posture when they are standing straight up, but at soon as they lay down or sit in a chair, they stay in positions that are stressful on the back. If you can elect to stand more during the day, your back might feel better by the time you retire to your home at the end of the day.

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