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Many people suffer from lower back pain. Whether it is an occasional annoyance or completely debilitating, back pain can negatively alter lives. It can affect your job, exercise routine, and family life. Stop living in pain and get the help you need today! At My Hope Health & Wellness, we offer many different chiropractic services to help your back feel good again. The best part? It’s all-natural! No need to take medicine; just come in for consistent adjustments. Here are just a few of the ways that chiropractors can help with lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Did you know that over 80% of people in North America suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life? That number is huge! Many of these people spend years seeing their doctor, going through physical therapy, and taking painkillers but never really see an improvement. Going to see a chiropractor is something that can give you almost instant relief.

Lower back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the spine. Low back pain can range from a dull ache to severe shooting pain. Pain in the lumbar region of the spine can be caused by a variety of things. These are just a few of the common causes of lower back pain:

  • Sports injury
  • Car accident
  • Sitting at a desk all day
  • Repetitive motions at work that put pressure on your back
  • Carrying a purse or backpack that’s too heavy
  • Poor posture

According to WebMD, most people begin to first feel back pain when they are in their 30s. People who are overweight, sedentary, and who lift heavy items at work are at a greater risk of developing low back pain. When you come see the chiropractor, be sure to share with them any information you have about why your back is hurting. This information can help them come up with a treatment plan that is catered to you. Keep in mind it is always important to visit your general practitioner as well to rule out certain diseases, like cancer, that can cause back pain.

Spinal Adjustment

The goal of a spinal adjustment is to realign vertebrae in your spine and joints that have slipped out of place. When the spine is not properly aligned, it can cause a wide range of issues, including back pain, muscle pain, and negative effects on the nervous system. During a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor will use their hands or a tool to get the spine back in alignment. An adjustment typically leads to cracking sounds in the body. Don’t worry – this is completely normal! The cracking is the sound of your body releasing gases. Not only will a spinal adjustment help with lower back pain, but it is also good for your entire physical well-being.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

At My Hope Health & Wellness, we have a state-of-the-art anti-gravity spinal decompression chair. Patients sit in the chair, which is then lowered. This allows the back to have no weight-bearing load on the discs. The pressure is off, and your nerves are free to gain mobility. While you are in the chair, the chiropractor will do various exercises, like moving your legs or assisting you with core stability exercises. This chair is designed to help people with lower back and leg pain. It can also help people who have herniated or degenerative discs. Spinal decompression therapy is a great way for patients to experience relief without having surgery.

Car Accident Therapy

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Car accidents can lead to all types of injuries, including lower back pain. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we specialize in helping those with car and motorcycle accident injuries. It is always important to seek medical care after an accident. Once you have been seen by the ER or your doctor, set up an appointment at My Hope Health & Wellness. Chiropractic care is a key element of accident recovery. If you are working with an attorney to file a personal injury claim, we will work with them to provide the necessary documentation and paperwork. We know how stressful a personal injury lawsuit, can be so we want to make sure that we process the paperwork for you.

Low Back Pain Relief After a Car Accident

Two common car accident injuries are whiplash and neck pain. Both of these issues can lead to pain all the way down the spine and in other parts of the body. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we specialize in specific treatments to help patients recover from their accident. The most common form of treatment is the spinal adjustment. Getting the spine back in alignment is our first priority. Once the spine is in alignment, it can start to heal itself. In addition to the spinal adjustment, we also use massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and electro-stimulation. We also support patients by teaching them exercises and stretches that they can do at home to further build strength. If you have been in a recent car accident and are experiencing pain, contact us as soon as possible so that we can get your spine realigned and reduce your pain.

Lower back pain is very common among Americans. Whether it is from an accident or simply sitting all day in front of a computer, low back pain is no fun. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we use spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, and specific car accident therapies to help reduce your pain. If your spine is out of alignment, it can greatly affect your overall health and well-being. It is important to note that patients will need to consistently see their chiropractor. Scheduling one appointment and hoping for an end-all cure is not realistic. If you have suffered from a car accident injury and are working with a personal injury lawyer, we will also help with that process by providing the necessary documentation. For more information about lower back pain and how we can help, contact My Hope Health & Wellness today.

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