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Chiropractor adjustments normally happen when a person is injured, but regular checkups offer benefits you may not be aware of to brighten your mood. Just as a medical doctor ensures you are healthy through annual physical checkups, a check-in with a chiropractor for adjustments can help to keep your muscles, internal systems, and mental health strong. It may seem impossible that a chiropractic adjustment can do all this for you. While you may not enter a chiropractor’s office asking for a better mood, know that it is possible! 

Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most obvious outcome of an adjustment, but how can it brighten your mood? Anyone who has had back or hip pain knows that the minute that pain resolves you feel better. A huge smile crosses your face, and you want to go walk a lap or two around the block. Pain is a major mood depressor, and alleviating it helps raise your mood immensely. Additionally, relieving pain lessens your need to take pain medications or other prescriptions you may have had to manage the pain. This can also have immediate digestive and health benefits by stopping medication dependency.

Internal Changes A Chiropractor Can Impact

Studies also show internal changes from chiropractic care. An adjustment can provide benefits such as improved blood flow and signals to the brain. Along with range-of-motion improvements, activity levels increase as an individual feels more mobile. These benefits help you feel better through a variety of methods, among them a release of toxins in the body. When scar tissues are found, fixated muscles are released, and the overall body is adjusted to its prime condition, a release of toxins can happen. This might result in a short-term cold as the body gets rid of these, and long-term results in internal benefits that translate to brighten your mood.

Stress Reduction and Concentration

Finally, stress reduction and improved concentration can brighten your mood. We all carry stress in a variety of ways, but most cause tension around the shoulders and neck. By working these muscles out and melting that stress away, an adjustment allows you better concentration and focus. Additionally, if you suffer from tension headaches brought on by stress, the relaxation and improved movement an adjustment brings can reduce or even eradicate these headaches.

Don’t wait until your next injury to seek out a chiropractor. Visit My Hope Health today to see how an adjustment can brighten your mood. Help work out those tense muscles, improve your range of motion, and reduce the impact of stress on your body. Healthy maintenance of your body will improve your health and keep your stress at bay.


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