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Are you dealing with pain from a personal injury? You can get relief with help from a personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach. These are the main ways a chiropractor can help ease your pain.

Pain Management with a Personal Injury Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

Personal injuries can result in pain for several days, weeks or months. Whether you experienced a sports injury, slip and fall injury, or a heavy lifting injury, your chiropractor can help ease your pain. We use various treatments to reduce and eliminate pain. Our treatments have no side effects, like pain medication can. We can also help you recover from your injury to avoid the need for surgery.

Back Injuries

If you have back pain due to a personal injury, your entire day can be negatively affected. Whether you had a back injury at home or work, in a car accident, or during sports, we can help ease your pain. Your chiropractor will determine whether your pain is due to a disc problem, misaligned spine, or muscle injury. Once we determine the source of the problem, we will use various treatments to reduce your pain levels. Treatments like electrostimulation, ultrasound therapy, massage, water therapy, and spinal manipulation may work for you. By receiving regular treatments, your pain will lessen over time.

Shoulder Injuries

If you have a sore shoulder, it may be due to overuse during sports. You may have injured it in a slip and fall accident. Your shoulder could be dislocated from its socket. This can cause significant pain and loss of range of motion. Your personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach can reduce your pain with massages and specific manipulations. After just a few visits, you can be back to work or playing sports again with no remaining pain.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are a real pain. But they can often be resolved with chiropractic treatments. You may not notice a neck injury immediately after an accident. But if you have stiffness and/or pain after an accident, you need to visit your chiropractor for help. We will use various treatments to help correct your spinal alignment. We will help reduce stiffness and restore your range of motion. The right chiropractic care will greatly reduce the pain you are experiencing in your neck.

Strains and Sprains

Accidents often cause painful strains and sprains. A strain is a muscle injury, and a sprain is a ligament injury. You may have persistent pain in your joints with a sprain, or lingering muscle pain with a strain. This pain can affect your sleep patterns. It may also interfere with your work or your sports performance. However, chiropractic treatments can significantly reduce pain from strains and sprains. Your chiropractor will know which treatments will help you recover faster.

Personal Injury Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

If you have recurrent pain from a personal injury, you need to seek chiropractic treatment. By delaying treatment, you may prevent healing as scar tissue builds up over time. You also run the risk of injuring the same weak area again. Your chiropractor will know which treatments can ease your pain and strengthen your body.

Our treatments are designed to quickly and efficiently reduce your pain levels. When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll help you learn the benefits of massage, water therapy, spinal manipulation and other techniques that ease pain. Contact a personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach at My Hope Health today. Our number is 561-686-0120, or you can email [email protected]

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