When searching for a practice that provides family medicine in West Palm Beach, FL, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each practice. Finding the perfect provider puts parents at ease any time a member of the family gets sick. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we are your one-stop shop for medical care for the entire family. Check out some of the critical services we provide that you won’t find at every family medicine practice.

Family Medicine in West Palm Beach, FL Should Mean Care for All Ages

First and foremost, we provide care for people of all ages. From babies to grandparents, we are here to help everyone. This is a key component of the practice that should not be overlooked. Many primary care practices are either geared toward kids or adults. The benefit of a family practice is that you always go to the same place. This makes it easy when doing things like scheduling sports physicals or getting vaccines. Also, it makes it simple to keep track of medical records for various family members. It also provides teenagers with the opportunity to stay at the same practice once they cross over into adulthood, instead of having to transition from a pediatrician to an adult doctor.

Physicians Who Listen

Hope Health & Wellness provides family medicine in West Palm Beach FL. It is a one stop shop for all your family's health needs.

A doctor with good bedside manner is a good listener. In addition, they are kind and empathetic. Doctors should never ignore symptoms. Each patient should be taken seriously. It is vital to find a doctor that you trust to carefully listen to all symptoms without making you feel rushed. A good doctor should take the time to answer all of your questions. Sometimes family providers tend to lean toward the attitude of “you are young and healthy, you’re fine!” when dealing with kid and teens. It is important to find a family provider who instead takes the time to listen to every symptom without assuming everything is fine just because the patient is young.

Provide a Variety of Physicals

Physicals are checkups or wellness exams. A good family provider will perform various types of physicals. At My Hope Health & Wellness, we provide annual wellness exams, school and sports physicals, work physicals, and DOT physicals. All kids and adults should have annual wellness exams. During these exams, a full checkup is provided, as well as things like blood work or recommendations for additional testing if necessary. For the kids of the family, school and sports physicals are needed periodically. Often, an athlete will need a doctor to sign off on a sports physical before they can join a team.

For the adults, certain careers may require a physical before staring the job. My Hope Health & Wellness also provides DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals, which are for people who plan to operate commercial vehicles. A good family medicine provider will have all of these physicals performed in their office to make things easy for the family.

Allergy Testing

Allergies are no fun. Some allergies are seasonal, while others are from food. Allergies can affect the whole family! Instead of going to see an allergist, why not get tested and treated for allergies by your family care provider? At My Hope Health & Wellness, we test for 72 different environmental allergies such as mold, pollen, and animal hair. We also test for 36 specific food allergens, including nuts, dairy, and gluten. Often, allergies pop up when kids are young. It is extremely helpful to have allergy testing available at the family care provider instead of having to see multiple doctors for multiple issues. In addition, if an allergy is found, My Hope Health & Wellness treats the allergy with immunotherapy.

Your One-Stop Shop for Medical Care

My Hope Health & Wellness is a one-stop shop for medical care. Most family medicine providers act as primary care doctors and don’t offer additional health services. My Hope Health & Wellness provides patients with a variety of healthcare services. Patients receive well-rounded care. When you make an appointment with My Hope Health & Wellness, you will have access to the following services:

  • Primary care
  • Chiropractic care
  • Allergy testing
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Medical weight loss
  • Adrenal fatigue treatment
  • Functional medicine
  • Smoking cessation
  • Physical therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Pain management
  • Brain mapping
  • Pelvic floor rehab

It is a huge benefit to be able to access all of these services under one roof. My Hope Health & Wellness makes family care simple!

Family Medicine in West Palm Beach, FL

Many families strongly value health and wellness. Finding a family medicine provider who takes care of all their health-related needs is important. When seeking a practice, start by finding somewhere that provides care to patients of all ages. In addition, find a practice where the doctors are good, empathetic listeners. The goal is for you to trust your physicians. Also, it is important to feel like you are being heard at your appointments. In addition, find a practice like My Hope Health & Wellness that is a one-stop shop for all your family’s health needs. This includes services like chiropractic care, allergy testing, physical therapy, and more!

Life is stressful enough. Don’t overcomplicate things by having many different doctors at many different offices. Remember, not every family medicine provider is the same. Find a provider that you trust for the whole family. For more information about family medicine in West Palm Beach, FL, and specifically My Hope Health & Wellness, contact us today.


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