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The most important thing you need in order to enjoy your massage is the right massage therapist. If you find yourself in a massage with an unskilled or uncommunicative masseuse, you might leave with more pain than you came in with. In fact, an uncertified masseuse can even cause injury. Below are a few reasons why finding the right masseuse can help you reap the most benefits from massage therapy:

What Kind of Massage Do You Need?

In any situation, you could need a different kind of massage. Getting an intense deep tissue massage for relaxation may leave you feeling more stressed out. The right massage therapist can help you identify the needs of your body and what kind of massage would be appropriate. An inexperienced or dishonest masseuse might not be able to provide this service. If you’re pregnant or recovering from injury, getting the wrong kind of massage could have serious consequences.

That being said, if you are seeking massage because of an injury, always go through a chiropractor. They make sure there’s no underlying spinal issue that would make it unsafe to do massage treatment. A chiropractor will set you up with a licensed chiropractic massage therapist; this is a person who’s trained to work around injuries and physical limitations when delivering a restorative massage.


Some kinds of massage styles require more physical contact or massaging sensitive areas. If you’re more modest, you should venture aware from certain styles of massage, like Thai or Ayurvedic, unless you communicate with your therapist beforehand. Before any massage, you should discuss your level of comfortability with your masseuse to avoid any unexpected or uncomfortable moments. The right massage therapist will respect boundaries.


You don’t want to find yourself on the massage table getting a lackluster massage for good money. Communicate with your masseuse ahead of time so you can gauge their level of enthusiasm. Choosing a passionate therapist can mean the difference between getting an average massage that loses momentum halfway through, and getting your bang for your buck. An excited masseuse will likely integrate other passions, like essential oils, into your massage.


A well trained and experienced masseuse will have great communication skills. No one wants a masseuse chatting while they’re trying to fall asleep, or a massage therapist that never checks in. The right masseuse will keep open communication lines and help you feel comfortable giving feedback, but will give you your space. Communication is the key to getting exactly what you need from your massage, rather than leaving feeling shortchanged.

If you want to avoid injury and leave your massage feeling refreshed, it’s important to find the right massage therapist ahead of time. Do your research to find the most highly rated masseuses and certification programs in your area.

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