Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a way to give high concentrations of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. When vitamins are administered through an IV, your body will absorb nearly 100% of the vitamins by allowing the mixture of vitamins to bypass the gut and digestive system, eliminating the need to break down any nutrients.

IV Therapy is safe to perform weekly, but most patients prefer 1/month.

At the onset of feeling sick, IV Therapy can be performed 1-2 times per week to boost your immune system and get better fa

Benefits if IV Thehrapy

Boosts the immune system

Contributes directly to a stronger immune system and the body’s capacity to fight infection.

Combats aging and improves skin complexion

Age-management benefits and promotes accentuated beauty.

Eliminates the need to take
daily vitamins

Most people forget or don’t like to take vitamins, with IV Therapy you receive your vitamins monthly

    Promotes weight loss

    Include a blend of vitamins, fluids, & fat-burning compounds to help the body burn fat naturally and faster.


      The Myers cocktail is our baseline formula and a popular formula among medical providers.

      • Vitamin C: Antioxidant that protects your cells against the effects of free radicals and maintains the health of skin, teeth, bone, cartilage, and blood vessels.

      • B-Complex vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. Helps prevent infections and promote cellular health, growth of red blood cells, increased energy levels, improved eyesight, enhanced brain function, digestion, and improved cardiovascular health.

      • Vitamin B12: Crucial for nerve tissue health, brain function, and the production of red blood cells.

      • Magnesium: Known as “the relaxation mineral”, magnesium helps with lowering stress and anxiety and is important in maintaining the function of our nerves, cells, bones, muscles, and heart.

      • Calcium: Aids bone formation and strength. It also can help control irregular heartbeats.


      You must call in advance to schedule an appointment and let us know which cocktail you want to ensure we have the right ingredients in stock. 

      Inner Beauty Cocktail – $199

      • Myers Cocktail + Biotin
        • Fight Acne, Wrinkles, and Tired Skin
        • Enhance hair & nails

      Fat Burning Cocktail – $249

      • Myers Cocktail + L-Taurine
        • Burn Fat
        • Boost Metabolism
        • Enhance blood flow & Circulation

      Immune Boost Cocktail – $299

      • Myers Cocktail + Glutathione + Ascorbic Acid + Zinc
        • Boost your Immune System
        • Feel Better Faster
        • Perfect for cold/flu season or when you feel under the weather.


      You must call in advance to schedule an appointment and let us know which cocktail you want to ensure we have the right ingredients in stock. 

      These boosters can be added to The Myers Cocktail

      • Glutathione …………………………..$50
      • Anti-aging properties
      • Protects cells at the cellular level
      • Detox for the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestinal lining, and other organs
      • Listed as one of the strongest and most potent antioxidants
      • Ascorbic Acid ………………………..$40
      • Anti-oxidant properties
      • Increases immune system
      • Supports collagen production

      • Zinc………………………………………$40
      • Boost your immune system.
      • Boost testosterone levels in men.
      • Promote healing

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