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Many different types of Massage therapy are offered both as an adjunct to Chiropractic care, and also as a stand alone therapy for rehabilitation.  We offer the following types of Massage Therapy at Hope Health & Wellness

Therapeutic massage:

Sports Massage

Injury Massage

Deep Tissue Massage




Health & Beauty:

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Reflexology Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy is the perfect way to relieve pain, release muscle tension and let go of the stress. Therapeutic massages can improve overall health and wellness in many different ways, from improving blood flow to relieving migraine headaches. Relaxation and Pain Relief is a phone call away, make an appointment today!

The Many Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to promote overall health and relaxation. With different modalities from a traditional Swedish massage with long, even strokes to deep tissue massages and Shiatsu massages, there are many different benefits you can get from massage therapy. Not sure if having a massage is right for you? Here are some of the most important reasons you should consider massage therapy on a regular basis: 

Promotes Total Relaxation

Nothing feels better after a hard week of stressful work than a total body massage. Massage therapy can instantly remove stress both physically and mentally. Pressure across key muscle groups cause them to relax which transports you to a calm and peaceful state, relaxing your muscles and your mind.


Helps Combat Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping at night and do not want to rely on potentially addictive sleep aids, massage therapy may be the solution you are looking for. Regular massage therapy sessions have been shown to reduce the likelihood of insomnia and help your body relax for a full night of restful sleep.

Improves Circulatory Health

Swedish massage therapy in particular is designed to help move oxygen through your body and improve circulation. With long strokes that flow with blood as it returns to the heart, massage therapy can keep blood moving through areas of your body that are congested which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Alleviates Pain

If you are suffering from muscle pain, joint aches, pinched nervers, or severe back pain a massage can help. By distressing your body and causing tense muscle groups to relax, massage therapy can help reduce tension and postural stress which eliminates pain without any need for invasive surgeries or medication.

Can Lower Blood Pressure

Massage therapy has been shown to be a holistic approach to lowering blood pressure. Through consistent visits to a massage therapist, you can improve the way blood circulates through your body which decreases blood pressure and reduces your risk of strokes, heart attacks, and other serious issues.