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people who should have a chiropractor

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Chronic pain sufferers, athletes, and pregnant women should consider chiropractic treatment. Why these three? Chiropractic medicine is one area where wellness professionals seek to create balance. Chiropractors focus on the spine and the health of nerves, vertebrae, and muscles tied in to this critical part of our anatomy. As a rule, people tend to seek chiropractic treatment only when they have an injury affecting the back, spine, or nerves. However, a chiropractor should be on everyone’s list of professionals to stay healthy. For certain people, a chiropractor needs to help with wellness goals and diagnosing concerns before the issues disrupt daily life.

Chronic Pain Sufferers

The definition of “chronic pain” refers to pain that lasts longer than expected. For instance, you seek medical attention for injuries from a car accident. The doctor says the pain from the resulting whiplash should last about six weeks. At four months out, you still experience regular pain. This is now considered chronic. As a result, chronic pain disrupts the life of the sufferer. After the first consultation, a chiropractor can help find the underlying causes of this pain. Through a specialized treatment plan, which may include spinal manipulation, therapies, or exercises, they help ease the discomfort. Furthermore, most pain originates within the nervous system, and all flow through the spine. Chiropractors’ main area of study is the spine, and they receive specialized training to help diagnose and treat chronic pain.


Athletes should also have a chiropractor. Runners put stress on shins, legs, and connective tissues controlling the lower body. Football players hit each other, which can cause neck injuries, spinal and muscle distress throughout the body. All athletes push their bodies beyond a level of normal wear and tear. Chiropractors become an athlete’s best tool for success. Chiropractors can help reduce injury through spinal adjustments and other non-invasive therapies.

Most importantly, these treatments can reduce time away from the athlete’s primary sport or event during times of injury. Equally important, chiropractors help minimize the need for medications and can help enhance performance. Performing at any level causes mental and physical stress for the athlete. Chiropractors help through massage and pressure point work to reduce stress in various forms.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women top the list of people who need a chiropractor. Pregnancy induces major changes in posture. It also puts pressure on nerves in the body to make room for a growing baby. These changes can cause spine misalignments, hip concerns, and even nerve impairment. Chiropractors can try the right low-impact manipulations. This treatment balances the comfort and health of mom and baby. Relaxation and proper stretching exercises under a chiropractor’s guidance can produce the best results. Pelvic misalignment can happen as pressure from baby mounts just before birth, resulting in birth complications. A chiropractor can prevent or minimize complications with treatments prior to birth. Most importantly, this preventative work ensures a healthy delivery for baby and mom.

Are You One Of the People Who Should Have A Chiropractor?

Do you deal with ongoing or chronic pain, sports-related injuries, or pains from pregnancy? If so, you may be able to benefit from chiropractic treatment. Contact My Hope Health today to discuss whether a plan for chiropractic service can help you.

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