Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair rejuvenation

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical procedure for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. PRP is an all-natural, bio-identical autologous procedure in which the platelet-rich plasma used to stimulate hair growth comes from your own blood. This treatment is effective because Platelet Rich Plasma contains specific growth factors which, when injected back into an area of hair loss, stimulates hair follicle stem cells promoting new hair growth.

The science behind PRP therapy for hair loss

To understand how PRP Hair Rejuvenation works, it is important to be aware of the role that platelets play in healing. Platelets are a component of blood, along with red and white blood cells. When a person sustains a cut or wound, the platelets are some of the body’s “first responders” that arrive to stop the bleeding and promote healing.

PRP is a vital substance in the blood that contains growth factors and stem cells and these substances stimulate inactive hair follicles to start the growth of healthy hair.

Researchers theorized that if they could extract concentrated platelets and inject them into damaged hair follicles, they could accelerate healing and growth.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy harnesses the power of your body’s own growth factors to regenerate hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. To produce PRP, our medical professional will take a blood sample and put it into a machine called a centrifuge. This machine spins at a rapid rate, which separates the components of the blood. Our medical professional then extracts the platelets for injection.

The FDA-Approved Process

Blood is taken from the patient, similar to a routine blood test. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge that separates the Platelet-Rich Plasma from the rest of the blood. A natural activator is blended with the PRP to stimulate the release of growth factors from the platelets. The patient is then given anesthesia where the PRP is to be injected. This non-surgical treatment involves a non-invasive time manageable process with promising results.

The benefits of PRP

  • Stimulate the growth of healthy hair
  • Reduce the effects of hair thinning
  • Effective and affordable non-surgical procedure
  • PRP therapy for hair loss looks natural
  • Treats hair loss from the inside out
  • Individualized treatments
  • Convenient with ZERO downtime and no incisions

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy FAQ

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

With the use of platelet-rich plasma, we can both strengthen your hair and reactivate dormant follicles. The treatments lead to repair at a cellular level to help patients regain thicker, healthier hair and growth from follicles that had previously stopped producing hairs.

How Does PRP Hair Rejuvenation Therapy Work?

PRP Hair Rejuvenation Therapy utilizes the natural growth factors and stem cells in your body by isolating the platelet-rich portion of your blood. From there, it assists your body in wound healing and cell regeneration. This specific concentration of platelets and growth factors is up to ten times greater than normal through PRP treatment resulting in healthier, thicker hair.

Is PRP Therapy Safe?

PRP is very safe and has limited side effects because it is a bioidentical autologous treatment, meaning we are using your own Platelet Rich Plasma. In every study completed for the use of PRP as a treatment for hair loss, there has never been any significant negative side effects found.

Is There Research On PRP Therapy For Hair Loss?

Several studies have shown PRP Therapy to be an effective treatment for addressing hair loss. Click the links below to see studies performed to gauge the effectiveness of PRP Therapy.





How Do I Know If I Am A Candidate For PRP Hair Rejuvenation?

Patients with the following conditions are not candidates:

  •     Active chemotherapy treatments
  •     Abnormal platelet function (i.e. critical thrombocytopenia)
  •     Certain medications


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