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If you have a new injury or chronic pain, various chiropractic treatments can make a big difference. A chiropractor in West Palm Beach offers a range of treatments that can ease your pain and restore your health. These are five top techniques that your chiropractor may use, depending on your type of injury.

Spinal Manipulation with a Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

This is the most common treatment people associate with chiropractic care. When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause a host of health problems. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and back pain are all associated with a misaligned spine. However, we can use manual manipulation to realign your spine to its correct position. We will also teach you how to have better posture. We’ll suggest stretches and strengthening exercises to keep your spine healthy.

Specified Massage

A chiropractic massage is specific and targeted for the pain you are experiencing. If you have a recent injury from work, sports or a car accident, massage will help. As a result, it can rehabilitate sore muscles and restore range of motion. For patients who suffer from chronic pain, regular massages offer relief. Our massages will help reduce stiffness and increase well-being.

Ultrasound Therapy with a Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

You may be familiar with ultrasound for neonatal care. However, it can also be an effective chiropractic treatment for many soft tissue injuries. With ultrasound therapy, we use sound waves to deeply penetrate into affected areas. The painless sound waves loosen tense muscles and reduce pain. Our patients with back, neck, muscle and joint pain have all benefited from ultrasound therapy.


Electrostimulation is a safe, pain-free therapy for muscle strains. A special machine delivers low-grade electrical currents to damaged muscles. This reinvigorates muscles on deeper levels so they can heal faster. For example, this therapy is helpful for back injuries and sports injuries. It can also help you recover after a slip-and-fall injury or car wreck. You can sleep more deeply and experience less pain with electrostimulation.

Water Therapy Treatment

Water therapy is a gentle treatment for sore muscles. Athletes love its convenience and therapeutic benefits. Water therapy is soothing and helpful. When you use it over the course of several days after an injury, you can get back on the field or court much faster. It’s also a wonderful option for people with joint pain who may not be able to handle physical therapies.

Work with a Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

When you are dealing with pain, it affects every aspect of your life. First you don’t sleep well, then your work and athletic performance can suffer. You may be reluctant to take medications due to the side effects.

That’s why chiropractic treatments are so beneficial. They are safe and less invasive than many other options. If you are dealing with pain, check with a chiropractor in West Palm Beach. Our number is 561-686-0120, or you can email [email protected] We will recommend one or more of these therapies to treat your specific type of injury.


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