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Going to your first chiropractor appointment might seem daunting, but there’s nothing to worry about. If you can meet with your chiropractor or someone from their practice, do so. Meeting beforehand if you have questions will help you get answers and put your mind at ease. Here are just some of the things you should ask before getting on the table for your first appointment.

What are your methods?

Different practitioners can have unique approaches to the same problem. Don’t make assumptions about the types of treatment offered. Know whether your chiropractor has a firm hand or leans more on gentle therapy. This can help you establish a plan for your treatment. 

Do you have any specialized training?

Don’t be shy about asking if your practitioner has specialized skill sets or certifications. These extra pieces of knowledge may hold the key to your perfect treatment. Many chiropractors aren’t shy about sharing their knowledge with clients.

What type of degrees or formal education do you currently have?

Chiropractors have many forms of continued education opportunities. Formalized education, through university studies or other routes of professional training, show a dedication to the craft. These degrees will also help you steer clear of anyone who might not be a great fit for your treatment needs.

What’s my “health homework” before and after my appointment?

If you get the chance to meet with your chiropractor before your appointment, ask what you can do to make the relationship a success. Letting your practitioner know that you’re willing to do things to prep before your first appointment and in between appointments to tend to your body will go a long way. Taking your treatment seriously can mean listening to your chiropractor’s advice and following it as best you can.

How is billing handled?

Know upfront what to expect when it comes to payment logistics. Some practices require you to bill your own insurance, while some can bill on your behalf. Work with your insurance to figure out what services are covered and which services might be partially covered. By asking about payment details upfront, you can have a clear picture of what to expect after your first appointment. 

Trust My Hope Health With Your Chiropractor Needs

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor appointment and feel like you need one, we would love to have you in today. Even if you’re just curious, our office is always a welcoming place that you can contact with questions. We’re one call away and want to help you feel your best today!

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