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If you have a car accident injury in West Palm Beach, you can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. A skilled chiropractor can help you recover faster without dangerous side effects or surgery. These are the three reasons to visit a chiropractor after an accident.

Avoid Medication or Surgery After a Car Accident

Thousands of Americans are injured in car accidents every day of the year. Many of them seek medical attention, and get prescriptions for painkillers. However, these types of medications can become addictive or carry dangerous side effects. Others injured in car accidents may be prematurely recommended for surgery. Before you take these drastic measures, a chiropractor may be able to help you with non-invasive and non-addictive options.

At your first appointment, we will see if a simple spinal manipulation can restore your body to health. This technique is often helpful for lingering pain, which is common after accidents. Your back, shoulders, and neck can benefit from a simple manipulation. We can also relieve joint and muscle pain with various safe therapies. None of our treatment options requires medication or surgery. We have much safer routes of therapy than your doctor may recommend.

Head Off Persistent Problems

Even if your car accident happened at a low speed, you can suffer injury from it. Low-speed accidents can cause whiplash. This condition leads to damage in soft tissues in your neck and shoulders. You may have stiffness or pain that first manifests days or even weeks after the accident. Left untreated, this type of injury can interfere with sleep, work and daily activities.

Loss of concentration, blurred vision and headaches are also common after car accidents. We can help restore your tissues to health before scar tissue begins building up. This is important because it prevents you from getting injured in the same places again. Our treatments can restore your full function before persistent problems develop.

Are you experiencing chronic pain after a car accident? Your chiropractor can help reduce your pain levels. With regular treatments, we can lessen pain, help your concentration improve, and widen your range of motion. It’s wise to seek treatment from us within 24 hours of your accident. By receiving treatment soon afterward, you lower your risk of persistent problems settling in.

Promote Overall Health After a Car Accident

Your chiropractor has many holistic treatment options to improve your overall health. Not only will you receive relief from your injury, but your entire body will be healthier. Our massages boost blood circulation, which promotes healing throughout your body. Various chiropractic treatments can correct your posture, alleviate muscle pain and eliminate back problems. We can help you deal with headaches and migraines. Unlike a visit to the doctor, our therapies build up immune system function. This benefits your entire body.

If your muscles are sore, our water treatments and massage therapy can help you. We may use ultrasound or electrostimulation to treat nerve problems and deeper muscle injuries. You can trust these treatments to ease your pain without side effects. You may even feel healthier than before the car accident with our therapies.

Car Accident Injury in West Palm Beach

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