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If your back is always in pain, you may need to make some lifestyle changes in order to get rid of back pain. Here are a few simple lifestyle changes that may help you fight back against the pain in your back.

#1 Adjust How Your Sleep

The way that you are sleeping may be causing your back to hurt. It is generally recommended, for the best support of your spine, to sleep in your back. However, that is not always enough to ensure that your back is properly supported. You may also need to put a pillow under your knees to keep them properly aligned, and you may need to change up your pillow to ensure that it is properly supporting your neck.

#2 Stretch Out Every Day

Next, you need to make sure that you are stretching out your body. When you don’t stretch out your muscles, your muscles can get really tight, which can cause them to easily get strained when you do simple, everyday tasks. You can assist your muscles and help them out by getting up in the morning and doing some simple stretches.

Make sure that you stretch out your arms and legs as well. All of your muscles are connected together, and when your leg muscles are tight, they can cause strain to your back muscles.

If you sit for long periods of times, make sure that you get up and stretch at least once an hour if possible. Even if you just stretch for two to three minutes, those moments of movement can help keep your back from feeling pain.

#3 Increase Your Overall Movement

It may feel counter-intuitive when your back hurts, but movement is good for your back. A lot of the back pain that many people experience is not from moving too much, but rather from moving too little. Take a walk around your block before you leave for work, take a walk around your office building on your lunch-break and try to participate in physical activity that you enjoy, be that yoga or gardening. Getting up and moving can help your back feel better.

#4 Seek Help from a Chiropractor

Finally, make sure that you visit your chiropractor office. Your chiropractor can provide you with heat therapy as well as manual adjustments and manipulations that can help get your back in order and help decrease your overall experience with back pain. Contact services like Hope Health and Wellness to learn more about how they can treat your back pain.

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