Chiropractic for Mid-Back Pain

The middle back is the region of the back between the ribcage and the base of the neck. It houses the thoracic spine, the largest portion of the spine, and is the only part that is attached to the ribcage. The middle back is vital, but also sees a tremendous amount of use. Because of its size and the amount of stress we tend to put on it every day, there are many ways that we can hurt our middle backs and just as many ways to experience pain after an injury. At Hope Health & Wellness, we can treat your mid-back pain, relieve your tension, and help you enjoy life again.

middle back pain treatment with chiropractic in west palm beach florida

Symptoms of Mid-Back Pain

  • Pressure in mid-back, mid-back may feel stuck
  • A Sharp knife feeling under the shoulder blade
  • Rock underneath shoulder
  • Stiff in the morning when trying to stretch
  • Popping sensation when waking up and stretching
  • Radiation from mid-back to the outside of the arm

Common Causes of Mid-Back Pain

Understanding what caused the pain will help you and your doctor know how to treat it. This can also help you avoid a similar action, or put a plan together to strengthen, stretch or enhance that part of the body to prohibit a reoccurrence.

  • Pulling something heavy off of a shelf
  • Twisting when grabbing items

  • Prolonged sitting (road trips or even a desk job)

How We Help

Spinal Manipulation

Manual and gentle adjustments are commonly used to realign the vertebrae in your spine or joints that are out of place. This can happen for many reasons such as trauma, car accidents, slip and falls, or just regular daily activities.

Spinal decompression in west Palm Beach Florida

Spinal Decompression

We are proud to be the only clinic in Florida to have the Anti-Gravity Decompression Chair. While in an anti-gravity position, we can reduce the pressure on your disc and nerves and increase your mobility.

Physical Therapy for back pain in West Palm Beach Florida

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are movement experts. They help people improve or restore mobility and reduce their pain. Through hands-on care and patient education, our Physical Therapist will improve the quality of your life. 

benefits of chiropractic

Pain Relief

Patients can experience immediate and long-term relief from pain and discomfort with chiropractic care and by making small lifestyle changes.

Spinal decompression in west Palm Beach Florida

Reduce Tension

An immediate decrease in pain through adjustment, spinal decompression, and physical therapy helps reduce inflammation and tension so the body has an opportunity to heal.

Physical Therapy for back pain in West Palm Beach Florida

Enhance Quality of Life

Sudden, sporadic, or chronic back pain can keep us from living our best lives. The right treatment can get you back to your natural, healthy state.

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