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A chiropractor can sometimes get a bad rap from folks who don’t understand the basic information about what they do and why they do it. 

Knowing can be half the battle when it comes to your health and how to put your best foot forward. At My Hope Health, we want to make sure you know what to expect at your first chiropractor appointment. The following tips and advice will help you sail through your sessions.

What Does A Chiropractor Actually Do?

A chiropractor may use their hands and body weight to help shift your spine and other parts of your body back into alignment. Treatments can include lower back work to relieve pressure and pain from repetitive injuries like sports and workout stress. Chiropractic work is also great for those with poor posture who sit with limited back support all day. 

Some chiropractors will also work on specific troublesome joints like knees and hips to try to relieve chronic pain in those areas as well.

What Should I Wear to the Chiropractor?

Wear what you’d normally wear to your first appointment. He or she will be able to help you with your pain points if they get an overall picture of what might be subtly causing those pains. 

Examples might be shoes that you love but that don’t fit well or chronic leg pain from wearing high heels every day. Another example might be a heavy purse or messenger bag that can throw your body’s alignment off. 

Will I Have to Get Naked?

Depending on the area that needs treatment your chiropractor may ask you to undress to the level of your comfort. There are no obligations to remove any or all your clothing. Having access to bare skin in some cases may help them complete the treatment more easily. 

Will I have Homework?

It’s sometimes beneficial to work on problem areas if possible after your appointment. If you have chronic pain due to repeated stressors, your chiropractor may give you exercises to do or activities to avoid to try to lessen your pain levels. 

If you have specific exercises make sure to follow through with them. Putting your spine’s alignment right or tending to sore joints takes work on and off the table. 

Will the Chiropractor Give a Prescription for My Pain?

A chiropractor does not prescribe pain medication but instead will focus on preventative suggestions to help your situation. If you feel like you need more help to manage your pain your chiropractor can give you as many exercise recommendations as you need and schedule frequent appointments to help manage your pain.

If you’re curious about chiropractor services or are nervous about your first appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at My Hope Health. We’re thrilled that you trust us with your chiropractor needs and wouldn’t hesitate to answer your questions or walk you through what to expect at your upcoming appointment. Don’t have an appointment? Book today or call us to schedule your first appointment.

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