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 What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine addresses the body as a whole while taking into account not only the daily influences from environmental pollutants, exposure to toxins, chemicals, stress, and modern-day lifestyles. It also encompasses functional and energetic disturbances in the body which can be detected with bio-resonance/bioenergetic testing.

Functional disturbances occur when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms including pain and inflammation.


What is Bio-Resonance/Bioenergetic testing?

It works painlessly by measuring the body’s energetic/functional disturbance response, (like an EKG or EEG) against a wide variety of test signatures that cover everything from internal organs, food sensitivities, allergy sensitivities, environmental contaminants, immune disorders, digestive issues, nutritional factors, toxins, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbance, emotional patterns, stressors etc. that could be root causing for health issues and physically effecting the body today.

There are over 50 categories to test from in the library, here are the most requested:

Joint & Connective Tissue

Bone Disturbance  

Dental Resonance Profile

Comprehensive Analysis

Food Sensitivities 

Weight Loss

Allergy Sensitivities

Degenerative Disturbances

Sleep Disturbance 


TJM Stress

Toxin Stressors

Supplement Profile

Neurological Imbalances 

Skin Disorders

Emotional Imbalances

GI Panel

Hormonal Profile

Metabolic-Digestive Profile

Nutrient Deficiency

Nutritional Maintenance

Toxic Stressors

Vertebral Profile

And many more…


The Benefits of Functional Medicine and Chiropractor care:

Focusing on functional medicine can provide early detection of energetic and regulatory disturbances which gives the framework for chiropractors to develop an understanding of any imbalances of the musculoskeletal system which could be causing pain/inflammation in the body. Once these disturbances have been identified we can begin to help rebalance the body while also helping to relieve the pain, the goal is to restore energy balance and health.