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Personal injuries happen in life. If you experience pain from an injury, My Hope Health and Wellness is a personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach that can help. We offer both chiropractic and other advanced services to decrease pain levels. And we provide solutions that heal you now while reducing future injuries.

Even careful individuals suffer personal injuries in their daily lives. A car accident is not something you can control, for example. Neither is a work or sports-related injury. However, we’ve likely treated a patient with a similar experience. At My Hope Health and Wellness, we understand which chiropractic methods work best for every type of personal injury.  

When wondering whether a chiropractor can treat your personal injury, consider the following:

A Personal Injury Chiropractor Treats Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

Car accident injuries aren’t always immediately apparent. Some examples are whiplash, back pain, pain in the extremities, and headaches.

If you are experiencing minor pain after a car accident, My Hope Health and Wellness can help. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If you don’t address it, it can lead to more painful conditions that worsen over time. 

Spinal adjustment can help injuries to the muscles and skeleton system. These adjustments correct vertebral subluxations resulting from an accident. In addition, chiropractic spinal adjustments reduce pain and inflammation.

Furthermore, chiropractic adjustments work for other areas of the body injured in a crash. For example, a personal injury chiropractor also adjusts skeletal structure of the arms and legs. Also, a chiropractor may do a pelvic adjustment to treat car accident-related injuries. 

Whiplash and Neck Pain Treatment From Your Personal Injury Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

Correcting spinal alignment resolves some back injuries from car accidents. It can also help heal whiplash. A crash creates a sudden force of movement in the neck. As a result, the sudden movement creates tears in neck muscles and tendons. Unfortunately, whiplash is the painful result. A chiropractor treats whiplash with spinal and cervical adjustments. 

Sometimes in treating whiplash, a chiropractor applies a vigorous stretch to the neck. The stretch relaxes the muscle and pain is reduced. Also, our chiropractors know stretches to recommend for you to do at home. Continued stretching at home accelerates healing time.

Trigger point therapy is another treatment option for whiplash. This therapy places pressure on a tightened muscle’s trigger point. Then the muscle relaxes from the applied pressure. As a result, pain is reduced or eliminated. 

So, a personal injury chiropractor alleviates neck pain from whiplash or other causes. This can reduce the risk of future problems. Left untreated, neck pain increases the likelihood of future chronic headaches or even migraines. 

personal injury chiropractor in west palm beach

A Personal Injury Chiropractor Treats Back Injuries Resulting from Overexertion

Anytime you experience back pain, it’s beneficial to see a chiropractor. This is especially true for back pain caused by lifting something heavy. Lifting injuries can cause lower back muscle strains and sprains. 

A spinal adjustment from your personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach often provides immediate relief. Your chiropractor knows if additional treatments like massage, trigger point, or physical therapy are good options for your back injury. 

Spinal Decompression Therapy from Your Personal Injury Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

Additionally, My Hope Health and Wellness offers KDP spinal decompression therapy. This decompression therapy increases the space between the discs and vertebrae of the spine. Decompression therapy relieves back pain from injuries. Your chiropractor may also recommend core and lower-back strengthening exercises. These are performed from the anti-gravity table. A stronger core and lower back reduces the chance of injuries. 

If a lifting injury occurred at work, we are Workers Comp specialists. Our chiropractors specialize in helping patients restore functional ability. This means they can get back to work and resume daily activities quickly. 

A Personal Injury Chiropractor Treats Sports-Related Injuries

Sports injuries cause pain in the neck, shoulder, extremities, and back. Often, these injuries are due to strains or sprains in soft tissues. Spinal adjustments from My Hope Health and Wellness provide relief and healing. 

Injuries from sports and fitness activities affect joints in the spine and extremities. Chiropractors are ideally suited to treat these injuries. As experts in joint and spine adjustments, we ensure athletes are healed. We also help maximize their performance potential. 

Our chiropractors recommend physical therapy when necessary for sports injuries. Physical therapy is helpful in treating many sports-related injuries. These include golf and tennis elbow, shin splints, and hip bursitis.

Many sports injuries are due to overuse of a joint or muscle. This can result in temporary loss of range of motion. Our chiropractors are very experienced with these injuries. Whether it’s spinal adjustments, massage, or physical therapy, we’ll develop a treatment plan and get you back in the game! 

Your Personal Injury Chiropractor in West Palm Beach

When you’re in pain from a personal injury, don’t delay seeking chiropractic treatment. If the injury doesn’t heal properly, you risk scar tissue build-up over time. There is also the likelihood of repeatedly injuring the same area when it isn’t addressed properly. 

My Hope Health and Wellness treats injuries to minimize pain quickly. We are committed to our patients’ healing. We customize our services with that in mind. If you are suffering from an injury, contact us for a consultation with a personal injury chiropractor in West Palm Beach today! 


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