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Have you ever had a massage? What do you think of when you hear the word “massage”? Massage therapy offers many benefits to the body. Massages are relaxing and can reduce pain. They also combat insomnia, reduce muscle tension, and can even lower blood pressure. Massage therapy can also relieve stress after a long week. A chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, such as our team at My Hope Health & Wellness, can provide you with two different types of massages: therapeutic massages and health/beauty massages. What is the difference? Which is right for you? Read on to learn more about massage therapy and how it can help your body.

Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage targets a certain area of the body that’s injured or tense. A therapeutic massage is beneficial to someone with a sports injury or someone who has been in a car accident. Therapeutic massages work out the tension in muscles. Massage breaks up muscle “knots.” It also increases blood flow to the injured area. A therapeutic massage can initially be uncomfortable, but remember – that is a sign the pain is being alleviated.

The idea behind therapeutic massages is breaking up muscle tension. Your massage therapist will put a lot of pressure on the tense spot in your body. Patients are shocked after their appointments at how quickly the pain from their injury begins to subside.

Types of Therapeutic Massages

  • Sports Massage: A sports massage focuses on healing or preventing a sports injury. This massage is sport-specific. For example, a runner might have a sports massage focused on their IT band.
  • Injury Massage: An injury massage focuses on reducing pain from an injury that has occurred. This type of massage can also reduce muscle tension after a car accident. After an accident, a massage for the shoulders, neck, and back is a great way to alleviate pain and increase blood flow to injured areas.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: A deep tissue massage is perfect for someone who is experiencing chronic pain. This technique uses pressure to target the inner layers of the muscles. The massage allows the muscles to release. A deep tissue massage is great for patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Health & Beauty Massage

Like therapeutic massages, health and beauty massages also work out muscle tension. They are more gentle and relaxing. Your local chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, can provide both types of massages. Getting a sports massage is very beneficial, but not necessarily the most relaxing. A health and beauty massage, on the other hand, helps your body and mind relax. A weekly massage appointment can reduce tension and stress. Massages can also help with insomnia.

Health and beauty massages can improve circulatory health. They help get blood moving through the body. This can reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues. Finally, these massages can lower blood pressure. Through consistent massage appointments, patients can notice a drop in their blood pressure over time. In addition, lower blood pressure can prevent future diseases. Lower blood pressure reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

Types of Health and Beauty Massages

  • Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage uses similar strokes and techniques to a deep tissue massage but is much more gentle. Through long strokes, kneading, and circular massage movements, your muscles will begin to relax. Blood flow is stimulated throughout the body.
  • Hot Stone Massage: This relaxing massage uses heated stones. The stones are placed in various spots on the body. They can sit on the spine, chest, face, and palms. Sometimes the massage therapist will use the stones to massage different parts of the body. This massage reduces stress and muscle tension. Also, hot stone massages help you get better sleep.
  • Reflexology Massage: Reflexology is based on ancient practices where certain areas of the body are connected to organs and energy channels. If massage targets these areas, it can help with pain and issues in other parts of the body. For example, reflexology teaches the heel links to the low back and intestines. During a reflexology massage, the therapist would focus on the heel if the patient were having lower back pain or intestinal issues.
  • Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy can be tiring! It also puts stress on muscles and joints in the body that aren’t used to being stressed. From swollen feet to a sore back, many pregnant women look to massage to alleviate pain. A pregnancy massage focuses on specific areas in the body that get tense during pregnancy. A pregnancy massage can also be very relaxing. In addition, a pregnancy massage reduces anxiety for the mother-to-be.

My Hope Health & Wellness: A Chiropractor in Stuart, Florida

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to reduce pain and stress. A therapeutic massage is designed for someone with an injury. It focuses on deep muscle stimulation to reduce tension and alleviate pain. If you deal with ongoing pain and tense muscles and are looking for a relaxing experience, you will want to try a health and beauty massage. This type of massage is gentle. Massage therapy is one puzzle piece of your treatment for pain and muscle tension. It provides extraordinary benefits to the mind and body in a natural way. Often patients like to receive care from their chiropractor in Stuart, Florida, and then head to a massage right after their appointment.

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are two treatment methods that go hand-in-hand. They complement each other in promoting healing within the body. Both relieve tension and promote overall wellness. Massage is a great treatment option for injuries and pain. Are you ready for a massage? For more information about massage and chiropractic services, contact My Hope Health & Wellness today. At My Hope Health & Wellness, you can schedule both a chiropractor and massage appointment. We are your one-stop-shop for pain relief. We look forward to helping you feel better as soon as possible.

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